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To cure their father's illness, three princes set out to capture the elusive and enchanting Adarna bird. Book Search · Get print book. No eBook available Ibong adarna. Front Cover QR code for Ibong adarna. Title, Ibong adarna. Contributors, Glady E. This bilingual (Filipino and English) board book for children features a popular folktale about three princes and an elusive magical bird.

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The following other wikis use this file: Usage on incubator. Retrieved from " https: Description Ibong Adarna. The first publication of this file date backs on This file was uploaded here in Wikimedia Commons on After beating Juan to whom they owed their lives, they left him unconscious in the middle of the road as the two brothers continued on their way to the palace.

Once there in the palace for the fear of the ire of their father. Pedro, the eldest, was the first to descend by means of a cord lowered by the two brothers who remained above; but he had scarcely gone a third of the way when he felt afraid and gave sign for his two brothers to pull him out of the well.

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Presently, Diego was let down but he too could not go farther down than half of the way. When it was Juan's turn to go he allowed himself to be let down to the lowest depths of the cistern. There the prince discovered two enchanted palaces, the first being occupied by Princess Juana who informed him she was being held prisoner by a giant, and the second by Princess Leonora, also the prisoner of a large seven-headed serpent.

After killing the giant and the serpent, the prince tugged on the cord and soon came up to the surface of the earth with the two captive princesses, whom his two brothers soon wanted to take away from him. Before the parting, however, Leonora discovered that she left her ring in the innermost recesses of the well.

Juan voluntarily offered to take it for her but when he was halfway down, the two brothers cut the rope he was descending causing him to fall to the bottom of the well. Not long after this, wedding bells were rung in the palace.

Diego married Princess Juana but Princess Leonora before casting her lot with Prince Pedro requested her marriage to him delayed for a term of seven years because she might still have a chance to unite herself with Don Juan.

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Don Juan, thanks to Leonora's enchanted ring found in the well, could avail himself of the help of a wolf which cured him of his wounds, fix his dislocations, and bring him to the medicinal waters of the Jordan, and took him out of the well. Already torn of all hope of ever finding the Adarna, Don Juan resolved to return to the Kingdom. But to his confusion, he was unable to find his way.

No one could tell him which was the would way that leads him to the kingdom of his father. He came across the Adarna who told him that he should forget about Leonora because Maria Blanca is better than her and Don Juan forgot about Leonora. He came across three hermits none of whom could give him the necessary information.

The last of these consulted all the of the animals from the surrounding areas, but none of them could tell the prince the direction towards Reyno de los Cristales. But the king of all these animals, a swiftly soaring eagle, having compassion for his troubles, offered to take the prince to wherever he desired. After an epic flight the prince and the eagle came to a distant crystal lake on whose shores they landed to rest from their long and tiresome flight.

Then the eagle related to his companion the secrets of the Crystal Lake. This was the bathing place where, in certain hours of the day, the three daughters of the most powerful and most feared king of the surrounding regions used to dive into the water and swim; and for this reason it was not proper for the prince to commit any indiscretion if he desired to remain and see the spectacle of the bath.

Don Juan remained and when the hour of the bathing arrived he saw plunging into the pure crystal water the figures of the three most beautiful princesses whom his sinful eyes had ever seen.

He then secretly hid and kept one of the princesses dresses. When the princess noticed the theft, her two sisters had already gone. The prince hurriedly ran to her and on his knee begged her pardon and placed at her feet her stolen dress and at the same time poured forth the most ardent and tender professions of love. Pleased by his gentleness and gallant phrases, the princess also fell in love with him; but she advised him that it would be better for him to go away before her father would come to know of his intrusion.

If he did not do so she would be converted into another piece of stone for the walls of the enchanted palace in which they live, in the same way that all the other suitors who aspired for their hands had been transformed.

On being informed of the adventure of the bold prince, the king sent for him. Don Juan, who would risk everything for the privilege of seeing his beloved, presented himself to the king in spite of the princess' warning. The king, greatly impressed with the youth's tact and self-possession, chose to give him a series of tests both gigantic and impossible for ordinary mortals. After completing these trials the king was satisfied and offered Don Juan his daughter. However, the princess, fearing that her father might resort to a new trick to foil their happiness, ordered the prince to direct himself to the royal stables in order to take the best horse and have him ready for them to flee on that same night.

Unfortunately, the prince in his hurry, took the wrong horse and the king came immediately went in pursuit of the fugitives. The king, riding the best horse, pursued them tenaciously but through the use of cunning magic the princess helped them to outrace the king. When at last they found themselves safe and free, it did not take them long before they could reach the portals of the Berbanian Kingdom.

But the prince, alleging that he should have such preparations duly made for entry into the royal palace as are appropriate for her category and dignity, left Doa Maria on the way promising to return for her once he had informed the committee that was to receive her.

Once in the midst of the happiness of palace life, Don Juan soon forgot his professions of love to Doa Maria. He became dazzled by the beauty of Princess Leonora who had been waiting for him during all the days of his absence and he sought her hand in marriage while Doa Maria was impatiently waiting for his return.

When she came to know of the infidelity of Don Juan, the pilgrim princess made use of the talisman which she always carried with her and adorned with the most beautiful royal garments and carried in a large coach drawn by eight sorrel-colored horses with four palfreys, she presented herself at the door of the palace practically inviting herself to the royal wedding of the Prince Juan and the Princess Leonora.

Out of respect for so beautiful a guest from foreign lands and on the occasion of the wedding itself, there were celebrated tournaments, in one Doa Maria succeeded in inserting as one of the number dance of a negrito and a negrita created from nothing through her marvelous talisman.

Back then I felt like some of the required reading were being rammed down our throats by teachers. Encouraging students to read required classics should be, I think, done in the most engaging way possible.


This will be available at the Apple iBookstore on January 25, so watch out for it. Ibong Adarna e-book trailer.

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DPReview Digital Photography. Jordan Santos Illustrator. No customer reviews. Don Juan however, had fortune to meet on his way an old hermit who was impressed by the virtues and good manners of the young prince and knowing the mission on which he embarked, put him on guard against the treacheries of the bird.

Its enchanted song revealed to the king that Don Pedro and Don Diego beat up Don Juan and that he obra maestra ibong adarna the true captor of this bird. Hindi ko masasabing original ang kuwento dahil marami na akong nabasang ganito: tatlong magkakapatid na prinsipe, di nagtagumpay ang unang mas nakatatanda at ang nagtagumpay ang ikatlo at pinakabunso.

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