Bates numbering of PDF files. Bates stamp multiple files at once. Online, no installation or registration required. It's free, quick and easy to use. Best Tool to add bates numbering or bates stamp on multiple PDF files in bulk. Also, use this PDF page numberer software for customizing the PDF Bates numbers. According to Software Informer SysTools Adobe PDF bates numbering tool regarded as the most efficient utility to insert. This blog post describes the complete process to add bates numbering in PDF documents. Insert page number in PDF files and set the position.

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Bates numbering is generally integrated within PDF software such as Soda PDF Anywhere. It's used to index documents for quick identification and retrieval. Free Bates Numbering Software for PDF Documents. Bates Numbering is a very useful method of indexing legal documents for easy identification and PDF Document Management Add Bates Numbering.

Bates number format includes Digits and Offset. You can add prefix and suffix. Change the text string's font encode, font name, font style, font size and font color, transparency, underline, strikethrough and more. Define the left, right, bottom and top margins from page edge.

Approach 1: Apply Bates Numbering in PDF With Acrobat

Here are the steps on how to Add Bates Numbering: 1. You can also drag and drop PDFs into this dialog.

Arrange them in the order in which you want the Bates numbers to appear. You can't add the same file twice.

To move a file up or down the file list, select the filename and click Move Up or Move Down as needed. To remove a file from the file list, select the filename and click the Remove. To sort the files using the file name, Click Sort. Select a folder to store all the new PDFs with bates numbering.

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All the new PDF files must be in a different folder. Open this folder automatically after PDF bates numbering. When you have added all the files to be Bates numbered and have the files in the desired sequence, click Next to set the PDF Bates Numbering Properties.

Click the Reset button to remove the last saved properties. It is important to fix the desired file order before stamping. Specify the destination folder: choose the same folder where the original file is located, or click Browse to choose another.

Decide if you want overwrite existing files or keep them under unique names. You can create an automatic log file: click Browse to choose a location to save it.

Select an existing scheme in the drop-down list if you have a suitable one. Choose Extend numbering from preceding job with currently selected scheme to make the Bates numbering for documents processed with this scheme continuous.

In the Macros selection box, choose Bates Number and click Settings.

Specify the area where Bates Numbers should be stamped and click Insert Macro. For the remaining settings, see Headers and Footers. Note You can apply more than one Bates stamp to a document; be sure to specify a different location for a second stamp.

Be sure also that the Bates stamp location does not collide with any existing header or footer texts. To see this in the preview area, you must save the header and footer data to a named scheme, and then load the scheme.

An information box instructs you how to interpret the results of the operation. Note Bates stamps applied from other PDF programs or created with other tools may not be recognized by the program.

You should visually confirm stamp removal. If you insert pages into a PDF document that is Bates stamped, the inserted pages are not stamped and the Bates numbering remains unchanged.Page Offset: Add the page offset number to Bates Numbering. Select a folder to store all the new PDFs with bates numbering.

Bates Numbering is a procedure used primarily in legal, medical, and business areas to uniquely identify each page in a set of documents by assigning a series of self-incrementing numbers.

Arrange them in the order in which you want the Bates numbers to appear. To change the order of files already in the queue, select the file and click Move Up or Move Down, or click Delete Files to remove the selected file from the queue.

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